how we're going to celebrate "The End of an Error!"
U.S. flag
"The End of an Error!" is our very special Drinking Liberally Presidential
Inauguration Party, happening the evening of Tuesday, January 20. The party
starts at 7:00 PM in the back room at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Avenue,

"The End of an Error!" will feature New Orleans theme in honor of that most
blighted American city, complete with beads, good music, meaty and meat-free
red beans and rice, and more beads than you can shake a beignet at!

We will have a "special appearance" by none other than George "Dubya"
hisself! We're delighted (but certainly not honored) that Dubya will be
joining us... so who's up for a little slipper-throwing action?

(We'd throw shoes, but we don't want to hurt the actress.)

Let's celebrate the inauguration of our first fairly elected president in
eight years, say "good riddance!" to Connecticut's Worst Texan!

(Please, whatever you do, have a designated driver or take a cab if you're
too drunk to drive. Thanks.)


Here's everything in short:

"The End of an Error!"
Drinking Liberally Presidential Inauguration Party

7:00 PM onward on Tuesday, January 20
Sugar Maple (in the back room)
441 E. Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee

NO ADMISSION FEE -- and the food is free (till it runs out)

Honor the City of New Orleans
Remember those we've lost under George the Worst
Celebrate Barack Obama's Inauguration

I'll see you there!

G33k p0w34
what the poor doofus in this xkcd wanted to do is possible!

haaztop:~ jhaas$ sudo osascript -e "set Volume 10"
haaztop:~ jhaas$ say "hey"
haaztop:~ jhaas$ say "hey"
haaztop:~ jhaas$ say "hey open the door man"
haaztop:~ jhaas$ man say
haaztop:~ jhaas$ say -v Starvox "hey open the door man"
Voice `Starvox' not found.
haaztop:~ jhaas$ say -v Fred "hey open the door man"

....or as Gmail said,

Stacie is not available to chat


damn you Howard Jones, get out of my hed!
Oh well; things could be worse. I mean, things can only get better.

woah-woah woo-ah-oh wooaaah...

being a history major has taught me one thing:
that the world is fucked up and makes no sense.

and for this, i've paid thousands.

Pictures of flooded Wisconsin farms and rivers
As I had to run over to Madison yesterday, having a camera with me meant I could take some pictures of the flooding caused by the past weeks’ storms. I put them below the cut [on my blog] so you don’t have to see them unless you’d like to. There’s shots of the empty eastbound I-94, traffic backed up traffic on the same road, and floodded fields and rivers.

It's all over here.

Thanks, asshole. (his speech behind the cut.Collapse )


in which haaz once again brags about his mileage per tank
50 MPG
685! 685!!!Collapse )

a first time for everything
We just watched an episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

My conclusion: "Well. That was lame."

Keep in mind, this was the episode "Redemption: Part 2," guest starring Denise Crosby ("Tasha Yar," granddaughter of Bing Crosby) as Sela, lovechild of Yar and her Romulan captor after she survived a fateful mission on the Enterprise C, ordered by Captain Picard in a parallel time line.

I immediately reached for my MacBook® to post about this on LJ.

("Michael Dorn... as a Klingon... over the ocean... AT TINAGRA!")

Who's the lame one here? You decide.

[BLITEOW] cooler by the lake... colder than rotted flesh...
Wasn't Alderman Donovan talking abotu having the National Guard in Milwaukee to keep the roughest neighborhoods under control?

cripes, the shit that's gone down today. Downtown Milwaukee is usually kind of barren, odd for a semi-large city's downtown, usually explainable. It wasn't too bad this morning, but when I got out of work, the streets were quiet. Too quiet. I knew when a lone page of newspaper blew down the otherwise empty street that something bad was going to happen.

and you'd think Stacie wouldhave tried to get in touch with me somehow. you'd think, right? i mean, right? nothing. nothing by phone, be it VoIP or cell, no emails... can't get texts... DAMMIT. shit, and she's working in the basement of that law firm! maybe....

FUCK. that's right. they had a softball game today. they got h...... not going to think about that.....

and what abotu my duaghter?

breath, boy, breathe..... BREATHE

yeah, they wish they could breathe...

I put that big candlestick thignie next to the bed the other night when our large upstairs neighbor was having it out with his girlfriend. I had no idea how foresighted that was.

one has to wonder, will they get through the barriers? how could they? mom's rolltop desk was hard to move, but it blocks the back door pretty well. the couches barred the front door. my table and a smaller loveseat and A LOT OF DUCT TAPE shit didn't think we had that much -- that's gotta hold that picture window. sure, they can get through, but after that.....

wonder how they'll respond to kosher salt?


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