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account expires, life moves on.
Nikita K.
too bad the ads don't seem to expire.

had a trip to Madison again today, third in three weeks. this time for Hari's friend's birthday party.

good trips the previous two times. this time was weird. maybe cuz I went with Hari and Stacie, not just yours truly and his big bad self.

I have too many memories of Madison.

thought of my mom
thought of Liz
fleeting thoughts of a few other people

too many memories

thought of Vicki
thought of some family friends
thought of those women I tried to date or at least flirt madly with at the end

too many thoughts of things in confusion and gone wrong.

adolescence unfurled there after the confusion of having it hit and take effect in Albuquerque, that was a fucked up experience of its own.

It's weird how this comes out all of a sudden then.

Stacie and I had dinner at the same place we had our first date at five point five some years ago. we sat at that other table. she was super-skinny then from the 'divorce diet,' self-imposed anorexia. as opposed to the kind that's usually supposed. now she's full of baby, though it's all in her front.

ah! sometimes you want to escape them. hard to do when it's all connected and online.

the good news is that though memories of them abounded, we encountered no one that knew me there today.

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