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Opportunity to tell MCTS how you feel about Transit TV
Milwaukee, Hoan Bridge
From MCTS:

Message to Passengers on Transit Television

As many passengers may be aware, Transit TV - the company that owns and operates the onboard stop announcement and entertainment equipment - filed for bankruptcy last week. At this time the Milwaukee County Transit System is evaluating the options regarding the future of this service.

The Transit TV system began being installed in 2003 and was installed at no cost to MCTS. TTV placed three monitors on the majority of our buses with an informational graphic and voice component which showed and announced upcoming bus stops. This system greatly assisted in us fulfilling our requirement of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, many passengers enjoyed the added convenience. Please know that we are looking into being able to continue the stop announcement system. We will keep you informed of the situation.

Please share your feedback with us here.

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