The gardens, they are built!
All but a few of perhaps one hundred and five beds have been built and filled with compost and soil! Pictures (mine anyway) will follow within 24 hours.

Here are some already on Flikr:

Photos by Gretchen Theisen for the Bay View Neighborhood Association. (BVNA is one of our sponsors, by the way. Thanks!)

(Mine are up now, too.)

117 documented volunteers, an unknown number more passing through; about 105 raised beds built, dozens of cubic yards of topsoil and leaf mulch hauled and dumped into said beds... yes! That might explain why I'm exhausted but still up after 1 AM.

Oh, and who's this guy think he is?


account expires, life moves on.
Nikita K.
too bad the ads don't seem to expire.

had a trip to Madison again today, third in three weeks. this time for Hari's friend's birthday party.

good trips the previous two times. this time was weird. maybe cuz I went with Hari and Stacie, not just yours truly and his big bad self.

I have too many memories of Madison.

thought of my mom
thought of Liz
fleeting thoughts of a few other people

too many memories

thought of Vicki
thought of some family friends
thought of those women I tried to date or at least flirt madly with at the end

too many thoughts of things in confusion and gone wrong.

adolescence unfurled there after the confusion of having it hit and take effect in Albuquerque, that was a fucked up experience of its own.

It's weird how this comes out all of a sudden then.

Stacie and I had dinner at the same place we had our first date at five point five some years ago. we sat at that other table. she was super-skinny then from the 'divorce diet,' self-imposed anorexia. as opposed to the kind that's usually supposed. now she's full of baby, though it's all in her front.

ah! sometimes you want to escape them. hard to do when it's all connected and online.

the good news is that though memories of them abounded, we encountered no one that knew me there today.

the snow that would not be
hot sun
While Madison got buried under a foot and a half of snow and is completely shut down, while we got jack and shit! Thank you lake effect.... now would you please keep the temperature from dropping to low single digits tomorrow? :-P

R.I.P. Walter Kronkite

Walter Leland Cronkite, Jr.
(November 4, 1916 – July 17, 2009)

As Edward R. Murrow said, "Good night, and good luck."

Deep Thought
Quitters are the new fighters.

Fahrenheit 451: West Bend edition
haaz which Jason rediscovers his passion for fighting reactionary censorship!

One of the most enduring qualities of science fiction is that given time, much of it comes true. That’s not always a good thing, though. While we have yet to achieve something resembling the BAMA sprawl that is portrayed in William Gibson’s Neuromancer, the dystopian future of burning books envisioned in Ray Bradbury’s classic Fahrenheit 451 is trying to be realized in West Bend, Wisconsin, where four overly-zealous citizens are seething about and suing the city about a book that they claim has caused them emotional strain simply by being in the library and accessible to children.

The book in question is “Baby Be-Bop” by Francesca Lia Block, and the ostensibly traumatizing material in the book has to do with that most dreaded of things that should not be written about much less made available to teenagers who may be questioning their own identities — homosexuality. According to an abstract about the book, the protagonist’s “idyllic childhood… ends when he enters adolescence and recognizes homosexual feelings.” To make matters worse, the similarly dreaded “N-word” appears somewhere in the book.

The people who were so riled up by these hideous words and concepts have filed a lawsuit against West Bend, seeking $120,000 in damages via  they also are demanding the resignation of West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss, and to be granted “the right to publicly burn or destroy by another means the library’s copy of Baby Be-Bop.” [Emphasis added.]

Perhaps what they need instead is a nice box of Denham’s Dentifrice, or Denham’s Dandy Dental Detergent. (Denham’s!) Or perhaps they need a lifetime supply of ketchup, which is said to contain natural mellowing agents. It may be just what they need to help them through this trying time in their lives. After all, if one small book on a shelf in a library can so impact these people’s lives, they’re going to need a lot of ketchup.

Though this will doubtlessly cause the hounds to be loosed in pursuit of me or the firemen to pay a visit, I say that this suit should be thrown out. I’m not a lawyer, although this sort of case is precisely what interests me in becoming one, just so that I can fight indignant radicals who seek to ban, censor, or do worse to books and other sorts of media.

Zach Dubya risks violating Godwin’s Law on Blogging Blue. And he’s got a picture, too! Mpeterson by way of illusory tenant has the backstory.

(Also, my ex-wife is a librarian. Make of that what you will.)

just sit back and relax....
everything is going to be fine, just fine.....

Nine year ago today...
Today is March 10, 2009.

Some nine years ago, I was living in Savannah, Georgia. It was January 1, 2000, and the Y2K transition had gobbled headlines. But most computer systems sailed past the dreaded Y2K snafu without a hitch. The lights were still on, which meant the power had not gone out. Good reason to celebrate!

Fireworks were perfect for the occasion, and seemed easy to find in the South. My buddy Kent and I took a drive up to South Carolina on New Year's Eve to pick up some fireworks. We had a fine time setting off in the empty lot across the street from the apartment. Hanging out with Kent meant I could forget about my life's troubles for a bit, just hang out and have fun for a few days before getting facing work and life once again.

That wouldn't be exactly fun or easy, but certainly necessary. I had been married two months earlier, but my marriage to Cassandra was off to a rough start. There seemed to be trouble in the humid Savannah air, whether it was having to get a peace order against my spouse's ex-boyfriend, or the very unsettling news from my mother that she was fighting bone cancer and was unlikely to be able to attend our November 1, 1999 wedding. Sadly, some two weeks after the wedding, she succumbed after a failed bone marrow transplant. I'll never forget sitting in her car — my mom's car — which her sister Marty had driven to pick me up at Mitchell Airport, wondering why we were going to drive back to her house, when she was still at the "sick house" near the hospital...

In January of 2000, it was off to San Francisco to exhibit and present at Macworld Expo, and then back up to Wisconsin to deal with the funeral and the surprising number of grievers and well-wishers. At the reception following the memorial service, Cassie remarked to Kent that it was amazing to watch me work the room. "The crowd just comes to him," she said.

My father, bless his heart, who went through a very nasty divorce with my mother some twelve years earlier, nevertheless came to the memorial service. People from my mom's side of the family were happy to see him, even in this most peculiar circumstance. (He was obsequious in the end, if not to the end.)

I don't recall at all what happened in Febuary of 2000. Work was all that likely happened, more plugging away at promoting and advancing LinuxPPC.

Time crept along. On March 10, 2000, I dropped Cassie off at the Savannah airport so she could visit her sister up in New England. I kissed her goodbye, figuring I'd have a quiet weekend to myself.

Late that night, I decided to head down to the restaurant I lovingly referred to as "DINER!" in honor of the huge yellow out in front that declared the restaurant's true greasy nature to the world. I remember walking outside, looking at our cars, and chose to drive my little five-speed Honda Civic hatchback rather than the Eagle Vision that my father had given us a few months before. Why drive a car that was crippled with an automatic transmission when I was headed out for a night on the town? No, the little Honda was much more fun to drive. My late mother noted it didn't have airbags. But with four cylinders of raw power under the hood, I sailed off into the night.

Earlier that night, another young man made the most fateful choice of his life. He'd been partying somewhere, his blood rich with alcohol, his perception as blurred as a work of abstract art.

Perhaps a block away from that treasured diner on Abercorn Street, traveling at a very high rate of speed, he slammed his wealthy father's Chevy Tahoe SUV into the back of my little 1989 Honda Civic — the one my mother had warned me about.

My life ended at that point.

Some time in April, when I came out of the drug-induced coma that they kept me in, my life started again.

And I'm still here to tell you about it.

Opportunity to tell MCTS how you feel about Transit TV
Milwaukee, Hoan Bridge
From MCTS:

Message to Passengers on Transit Television

As many passengers may be aware, Transit TV - the company that owns and operates the onboard stop announcement and entertainment equipment - filed for bankruptcy last week. At this time the Milwaukee County Transit System is evaluating the options regarding the future of this service.

The Transit TV system began being installed in 2003 and was installed at no cost to MCTS. TTV placed three monitors on the majority of our buses with an informational graphic and voice component which showed and announced upcoming bus stops. This system greatly assisted in us fulfilling our requirement of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, many passengers enjoyed the added convenience. Please know that we are looking into being able to continue the stop announcement system. We will keep you informed of the situation.

Please share your feedback with us here.

"The Secret To Barack And Michelle’s Love Life…"
haaz FISTING?!!


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